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Try These Holistic Solutions for a Migraine

Anyone that has ever experienced a migraine knows they are not your typical headaches. These headaches can cause enormous pain, cause you to experience extreme sensitivity to light, and subject you to other uncomfortable symptoms. Individuals suffering from migraine headaches will do anything to make them go away. Fortunately, there are a number of holistic remedies that are capable of bringing you relief.

Watch Your Diet

Paying attention to diet is a key component of managing symptoms for individuals that suffer from migraine headaches. According to Darras Law, certain foods and alcohol are among the numerous possible triggers of migraines. A list of foods that should be avoided if you are prone to migraine headaches includes foods such as the following:

  • Bacon, hot dogs, and other foods that contain nitrates

  • Some cheeses

  • Chocolate

  • Processed foods

  • Food products that contain MSG

  • Dried fruits

Some people have experienced relief from migraine symptoms from consuming a small amount of caffeine. However, excessive consumption of caffeine may exacerbate migraine symptoms or cause other complications. Foods containing Vitamin B2 have also proved helpful. It may help to keep a food journal to discover the foods that cause you problems with migraine headaches.

Get a Massage

Many migraine sufferers will tell you a good massage can do wonders for their migraine symptoms. And there is research available to back up their claims. Massages have the capability to decrease the frequency of migraine headaches, limit the pain of these headaches, and cut down on the amount of time symptoms are experienced when a migraine occurs. A massage will also ease any muscle tension you might experience in the jaw, neck, and shoulder areas.

Stress Management

Migraines are often triggered by stress. This can become quite a problem for migraine sufferers because the pain of a migraine will only cause more stress that can result in another migraine. This painful cycle can be difficult to end once it gets started. According to The Mental Health Foundation, you should find healthy outlets for your stress, like meditation, exercise, and journaling. This can prove beneficial for reducing tension and preventing future migraines from occurring. Another idea is taking a stress management class that can teach you mental and behavioral techniques for dealing with stress in healthy ways. Taking warm baths and listening to relaxing music may also help with the stress you feel. These actions will all serve to give you better control over your body's reaction to the stresses of life.

Migraine sufferers may have to try a few remedies before finding the combination that works best for them. This mix of treatments includes many that do not require a prescription from a doctor that you can benefit from in the comfort of your home.

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